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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make any landscape not just survive but instead thrive, timely care of said landscape is imperative. A huge part of this process of mulching, preventing overgrowth, maintaining the visual appeal as well as other factors that all contribute towards overall well-kept landscapes. At Santos Landscaping Services LLC we have incredible skills and cost-effective offers that enable us to stand out among the rest. We provide customers with all the information that they might need to determine if hiring us is the right choice for them. However, if any additional details are necessary we urge customers to simply reach out to us for the same. Our offers are unmatched across the entire Rahway, NJ area.

What are the perks of timely landscaping?

The overall perks of landscaping include increased home value, adding incredible visual appeal to the space, decreasing heating and cooling expenses as well as enjoying better overall health. Hiring an expert landscaping contractor can reduce the amount of effort that property owners have to undertake on their own. Experts make creating a more joyful environment around any property as easy as possible.

Is mulch addition worth the investment?

Mulch is a great addition to your lawn as it saves time, money, and labor when it comes to the process of soil amendments. It is a big part of quality landscaping and can reduce the amount of water that evaporates from the soil. Improves its ability to retain nutrients and keeps trees and shrubs protected in harsher weather conditions throughout the year.

What type of fences are best for landscapes?

Typically property owners in townships opt for cedar fencing which is appealing and durable or go for more modern vinyl fencing which is a great option due to its wide variety of textures and finishes to choose from. When it comes to small backyard landscaping the process of adding fences is important as it serves numerous purposes including security, privacy as well as visual appeal.

Do you offer warranties and have access to special equipment?

Yes. As highly skilled and reliable experts in our domain, we offer warranties on all the projects that we undertake. We also have access to some truly unique and reliable equipment that enables us to be more efficient and detail oriented with the finishes that we provide.

How experienced are you?

As experts that offer modern front yard landscaping, we have been serving our community for the past 11 years and have earned a positive reputation for being very systematic and comprehensive with our finishes.

We are very customer service oriented and are certain that the insights provided on this page are good enough for any new clients to refer to before hiring us. However, we are also open to providing details to any specific queries and urge customers to simply reach out to Santos Landscaping Services LLC at (848) 279-0437. Our team of professionals is looking forward to hearing from you and proving why we are the trusted choice to make across the entire Rahway, NJ area.